Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Gurkha's...

Welcome to Statues of London a blogsite dedicated to the brave, the few and those who have given so much for so many here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Over the coming weeks,months and probably years myself, John Kennedy along with two of London's finest amatuer photographers (and taxi-cab drivers) Dominic Shannon and Mark Solomon will catalogue all of the capitals statues and give you a brief but consice description of the statues and where you can find them.

After the excellent work by the actress Joanna Lumley last year where she and many hundreds and thousands of members of the public campaigned successfully to allow all the Gurkha's the right of abode here in the UK. We thought it would be fitting to get the ball rolling and take a close look at the statue dedicated to the them which can be found in Horse Guards Avenue with the junction of Whitehall Court SW1.

The plinth which the Gurkha Soldier stands upon is dedicated to all those who fought in the two world wars but the inscription of a quote by Professor Sir Ralph Turner MC sums up all that ever needs to be said of the Gurkha's present and past "BRAVEST OF THE BRAVE, MOST GENEROUS OF THE GENEROUS. NEVER HAD COUNTRY MORE FAITHFUL FRIENDS THAN YOU."

Welcome to Statues of London.

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